Margate: welcome to Shoreditch-on-Sea

Like the roller coaster of its theme park, Dreamland, Margate has seen a succession of ups and downs.This year, despite the throes of Brexit, the stars are lining up again, like the wooden wagons that since the 1920s have been on the rails of the permanent fun fair.As soon as you leave the station, the two emblems of the Kent seaside resort emerge: the nearby Dreamland Ferris Wheel and, beyond the immense beach , the two white blocks of Turner Contemporary, placed at the beginning of the port pier.

An exhibition space symbolizing the rebirth of Margate and presenting, from late September to mid-January 2020, the work of the four finalists of the 35th Turner Prize.The museum and the prestigious award, awarded each year to a young artist British artist, both refer to the famous painter William Turner, but this is the first time that the award ceremony has taken place in Margate on December 3, the most important artistic event since the inauguration of Turner Contemporary in 2011 , and the arrival of William Turner, from the beginnings of the 19th century, to create his paintings and seascapes shrouded in extraordinary lights which made his reputation.

From the Victorian era, which saw the boom in tourism thanks to the boom in the railroad connecting the coast to London, there are still the mansions restored today by creatives and other arty cohorts fleeing east London, which has become too expensive., to settle by the sea.Hence the nickname of Shoreditch-on-Sea given to Margate ...Among these new arrivals, Pete Doherty and his gang, who will soon open The Albion Rooms, hotel-bar-studio of recording in the district of Cliftonville.An area in the heart of the hipster wave: on Northdown Road, a bustling shopping artery is a succession of kebabs, trendy coffee shops (Mar Mar and Cliffs), Turkish barbers, cutting-edge record store (Transmission Records), mini-markets.Eastern Europe, organic and artisanal grocery stores (Grain Grocer and KG Winters) ...

Posted Date: 2020-11-10

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